What's different about a Bang Bang burger?

Artisan Brioche Buns from Dukes Bread

It starts with hand-shaped brioche-style buns crafted from scratch by local Charlotte bakery Dukes Bread. Husband and wife owners Adam and Ellen Duke produce the finest breads in Charlotte using real butter and the highest quality King Arthur flour.

Burgers shaped from American Butcher’s highest quality Black Angus

Creating a juicy, beefy burger begins with where you get your beef.  We’ve developed a great relationship with John Anselmo and American Butcher Company who custom grind, shape and ship our burgers from Birmingham, Alabama.  The beef they use comes from Creekstone Farms, Arkansas, City Kansas.  Our burgers are rich, beefy, juicy with just the right amount of fat and a tender steaky texture.

Unique sides and toppings locally sourced from our friends

It’s a team effort; we just picked all the best players. We’ve cultivated relationship with local favorites such as Grayson Farms and Jane’s Gluten Free Bakery to give our burgers that extra something special.

Joe loves meat. Let's meet Joe.

Owner Chef Joseph Huang

Joe worked his first cooking job back in 1995 as a short order cook at a place called Duffy’s Tavern in Paterson, New Jersey.

He went on to apply to, attend and graduate from The Culinary Institute of America in 2000 with a Bachelor degree in Culinary Arts Management.

Joseph has worked under several prominent NYC chefs including Larry Forgione and BBQ legend Danny Meyers. It was at Meyer’s fine dining establishment, Blue Smoke, that Joseph was introduced to La Frieda meat purveyors.

Not every burger joint has a family. This one does.

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