It takes a lot of talent to make a burger this good.

Sometimes it’s all about who you know. Who we know are some of the greatest purveyors of baked goods and beef in the country. Let us show you a little about our partners, and how they help us make the best burgers is Charlotte.

American Butcher Company

Creating a juicy, beefy burger begins with where you get your beef.  We’ve developed a great relationship with John Anselmo and American Butcher Company who custom grind, shape and ship our burgers from Birmingham, Alabama.  The beef they use comes from Creekstone Farms, Arkansas, City Kansas.  Our burgers are rich, beefy, juicy with just the right amount of fat and a tender steaky texture.  We grill them over an open flame seasoned with Kosher salt and pepper.

Dukes Bread Bakery

Dukes Bread is a small bakery in Charlotte, NC specializing in fresh, daily breads made from scratch. Founded in the University area in January of 2010, they specialize in quality artisan breads made with simple, all-natural ingredients. Dukes uses an unbleached, unbromated, and low-processed flour that is GMO-free with no chemicals or additives. They also maintain a 200-year-old sourdough starter that is incorporated into all of their doughs, which are aged for up to 24 hours prior to baking in order to develop a deep, delicious flavor.

Husband and wife pair, Ellen and Adam have enjoyed sharing their unique variety of baked creations at farmers’ markets and select restaurants for years, but their pièce de résistance has always been their artisan brioche buns. These buttery, made-from-scratch buns are the perfect vessel for a perfect burger.

For more information, visit the Dukes Bread website.

OMB and Triple C Brewery

Burgers and brews. Hamburgers and hopps. Sliders and suds. I’m running out of alliterative combos here, but you get the idea: few things pair as well as a Bang Bang burger and a cold pint from one of Charlotte’s award winning breweries. 

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