Early on in the first full year we were open, there was this older well-dressed gentleman who came into Bang Bang Burgers for the first time.  We weren’t really busy so I took some time to talk to him and explain the menu and I helped him order.  He said he was a real foodie and I took that as a challenge.

I went to the kitchen to cook him some perfectly cooked juicy medium burgers, a simple double Bang Bang Burger with fries.  Proud of my perfectly cooked burgers, I brought out the order myself and sat with the gentleman for a bit as he ate.  We made small talk and I was waiting for him to shower me with praise about how wonderful his burger was but praise was not on the menu that day.

He showed me how the burger that I had so lovingly prepared was more toward medium well and not medium and that the bun was soggy.  I looked on is disbelief, but I grudgingly agreed that the burger was grey in the center and not pink and his bun was definitely soggy.

I obsessed about this failure for days.  How is it possible with my years of experience, I had so thoroughly failed to produce a medium burger?

As I ran that whole experience over and over again in my mind, I recalled that the gentleman and asked for extra onions and I brought some to him on the side.  We don’t have a slicer in our tiny kitchen so everything that is cut is done by hand and that batch of sliced red onions just happened to be cut a little thicker that day.  I recalled that he placed these two thick slices of red onion on top of his burger as we chit chatted about nothing, he put the top bun over his burger and proceeded to push down on his burger to get it to a reasonable thickness so that he could get it in his mouth.  Bam!  That was it!

I finally figured out what had happened.  He ruined my perfectly cooked burgers by pushing down on his sandwich thereby pushing all the juiciness out of the burger and that juicy goodness was readily soaked up by the bun.  I immediately wondered how many quests didn’t complain, but inadvertently changed the temperature of their burger by pushing down on it before that ate it.  Lesson learned.  Just like I tell my grill cooks to never push down on the burger to make it cook “faster” keep in mind that when eating a juicy burger, you might just ruin it by pushing down on it before you bite into it.  

My solution?  Open your mouth wider.

Happy eating and thanks for reading,


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