Really? A blog about hamburgers?

As a restaurant owner, I can be pulled in a dozen different directions on any given day, so I’m always trying very hard to focus on what’s most important.  Without a doubt, my priority has always been to produce great food…period.  Most of my day is spent double checking stuff… sauces, fries, recipes, execution, training… is the food and the finished product being done right?

But this perspective only narrowly looks at the customer experience from the kitchen side.  When we first opened Bang Bang Burgers, we were so slow that I would come out from the kitchen and talk to people.  As I watched people eat, I wanted to give them advice on how to eat their food.  It would be very similar to the Iron Chefs standing in front of the judges at the end of cooking time, explaining to the diners why the chefs made certain decisions when cooking the meal, what flavors the judges should expect-basically, what is the best way to enjoy their creation.

I used to get polite looks from guests as I told them to do this and do that, but I always felt like what they wanted to say was leave me alone and let me eat my burger.  I can totally understand why they might feel that way, but as a person that lives and breathes burgers, food and how people eat, I still feel like I have something to say.  So, please read this blog to get simple bits of advice, food philosophy, and ideas from me about food and how to best enjoy the burger dining experience.




Bang Bang Burgers

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